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Step 1: The consumer visits the website
The consumer must have the Web2Store Tracker application or an application using the Web2Store Tracker module installed within his smartphone.
As this consumer visits the brand's website equiped with the Web2Store tracking module, the website will start broadcasting ultrasonic or sonic id's through the audio equipment of the device used for the navigation (computer, tablet...).
This information is captured by the microphone of the mobile device, processed by the Web2Store Tracker application that is running in background and transmitted to the cloud server.
The details of this visit are now related to the consumer and stored on the cloud.
Step 2: The consumer enters the physical store
As the consumer enters the physical shop, the audio ultrasonic or sonic ID broadcasted through the store's audio equipment is captured by the consumer's mobile device.
This information is send back to the Web2Store Tracker cloud server and processed. This enables the Web2Store Tracker system to locate the consumer, matching the physical store and the related website.
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Step 3: Detailed information feedback for the sales outlet
As the Web2Store Tracker system on the cloud servers detect a match between the visited webpages and the physical store in which the consumer just entered, the system is able to inform in real time the sales person of the presence of this particular customer.
Not only will the sales person be alerted on the fact that this consumer visited the webpage, he will also receive full detail of the products that this person was searching for.
  Web2Store Step 3
Step 4: Adapted discount offers for the consumer
Once the customer is within the physical shop, the Web2Store Tracker system can push adapted discount offers directly to the smartphone.
The offers would be adapted to the products the consumer has visited on the website. Of course, these offers can be limited in time.
  Web2Store Step 4
Step 5: Indoor tracking of the consumer
The brand can increase the quality of the performed tracking by proposing a specific audio ID for each of the floors or areas of his shop(s).
Once inside the store, the consumer can be tracked through the entire outlet on the base of the sounds captured by his mobile device.
These sounds are send back to the cloud servers to be processed and enable the Web2Store Tracker system to inform in real time the sales person on the consumers behaviour
This also gives the sales person the possibility to meet the consumer within the store to give him further information and assistance.
  Web2Store Step 5
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